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   Awesome skates, June 12, 2012  By Gavin Ellington (San Jose, CA)
I bought these a few months ago, and while these are my first skates and I'm only a newbie rider, I can genuinely say that these skates rock. While my friend and I were trying to perform our first soul grind, he kept complaining his soul plates wouldn't lock into the ledge we were trying on but my Shamans haven't had a single problem, great soul plate, great setup out of the box, I'm only looking to replace the wheels and maybe the bearings for some more speed otherwise these are great!
   5 Stars!!, March 30, 2012  By ryan  
I would love to by your skate im ten years old and i can do a 360 off a two stair 180 2 feet high i can jump 2 feet high should i get these skates
   5 Stars!!, February 29, 2012  By Andy@rollerwarehouse.com  
Yo Sully
   5 Stars!!, February 28, 2012  By Ikeyson  
I really do like the skates ive been skating for about 4 years and these are my favorite skates i have owned. Before this i was riding a pair of remz
   5 Stars!!, February 17, 2012  By sully.G.  
hi guys i was wonderin if u got size uk 7.5 or 8 id really like these skates thanks
   5 Stars!!, February 17, 2012  By sully.G.  
hi guys i was wonderin if u got size uk 7.5 or 8 id really like these skates thanks
   5 Stars!!, June 6, 2011  By Joseph  
Very good skate with super fast soul plates
   3 Stars, January 5, 2011  By ozker  
i just got these
   5 Stars!!, October 25, 2010  By Michael Scott  
Super good deal. Just ordered these with Kizer 2010 fluid frames and left off the wheels and bearings
   5 Stars!!, August 23, 2010  By justin  
This is my first nimh skate
   5 Stars!!, August 16, 2010  By kaleb  
i tested these skates there a little heavy making it harder to do air tricks like mute's and LK's but that soul really does help with grind combos
   5 Stars!!, August 2, 2010  By james  
all you guys are so dumb. your conplaning about blisters maby you should get some better socks GOD!
   5 Stars!!, May 29, 2010  By brendan  
this is the best skate i have ever experienced in my entire life. comfortable and lightweight!!! 5 stars
   5 Stars!!, April 13, 2010  By mike mccue  
I think this skate is the shit and it has nice anti rockers for sliding down ralles and sh!t just all around good skate get it
   5 Stars!!, April 4, 2010  By ryan  
my boy got the shaman skates and i used it all i have to say is that nimh realy did it up on this one its way cooler than my razor golds =-)
   3 Stars, March 20, 2010  By stuart brattey  
i wear size 8 shoes and it was a mistake to get a size 8 in these skates. they are bulky
   3 Stars, March 14, 2010  By billy  
im a 7 in skates and i have an 8 for the nimhs and truly i hate them. they gimme mad blisters and burn my ankles.there really havy. but i do like how much padding there is. so if you dont get yer correct size there gonna hurt and not respond as well
   5 Stars!!, March 11, 2010  By Zack  
You kids need to learn how to spell.
   5 Stars!!, February 7, 2010  By Daniel  
These skates are very very comterble. But very very heavy.
   5 Stars!!, January 10, 2010  By jon jamison  
I wear a 8 so i sized down to a 6-7 shell with a 8 liner and its alot more responsive and lighter. love them!!!
   5 Stars!!, December 13, 2009  By harry  
this is the sickest skate ever its really comfortable in the ankles its got a lot of padding its nice
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