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   Nice skates!, October 30, 2012  By Aj (Las Vegas, NV)
I ordered these skates a few months ago and i really like them havent skated in 6 years and these are perfect for getting back into the swing of things. Only thing i would change is get some lighter frames and smaller wheels to go with. The weight is decent and the 72s provide a VERY smooth ride. For the price THESE are awesome!
   Awesome, September 13, 2012  By Aj (Las Vegas, NV)
Great Skate for the price very fast boot the rockers are nice and its good support all around. One thing i found it was sorta heavy but other than that 5 stars!
Id recomend to all!
   Awesome, September 13, 2012  By Aj (Las Vegas, NV)
Great Skate for the price very fast boot the rockers are nice and its good support all around. One thing i found it was sorta heavy but other than that 5 stars!
Id recomend to all!
   Sick skate for the price!, August 16, 2012  By Drew (Billings, MT)
This is definitely one of Rollerblade's best skates to date... it blends the old school comfort and steez of the TRS softboot with the huge powerblade-style frames and wheels.

This is definitely one of my favorite setups I've ever had. The huge wheels roll so fast and smooth! For the money, it's a great deal too. You get 16 wheels in the box for multiple rocker setups. In my opinion, this beats powerblading because you can actually grind slot tricks. The boot itself has ample room and would probably accomodate sizing down. too.

The frames slide really nice, but are definitely taller than the standard. Slot tricks & topsides require you to really lay over your boot. I'd recommend an additional pair of frames to swap out on
   Good buy, June 30, 2012  By Anonymous (Baltimore, MD)
I got my skates about 2 to 3 years back and stop riding . Then I started to ride like 2 days ago and is like I never stop riding
   4 Stars!!, January 17, 2012  By DustinCade  
After 10+ years away from skating
   5 Stars!!, January 9, 2012  By tito  
i havent skated in ten years and i recently had the urge to buy a new pair of skates as a christmas gift
   4 Stars!!, December 1, 2011  By CWRskaterMikel  
Really great skates and and fairly large negative plate for those grinds and stalls. the Liner is a little on the hard side though but still a very AW3S0M3 skate! Recommend to beginners and intermediate skaters!
   4 Stars!!, September 20, 2011  By Forest Davis  
These skates are pretty good. I think someone else said this too but make sure you tighten the frames because one of my bolts fell off at an all day session at skate barn after an hour so yeah. Mine also creak a lot?
   3 Stars, July 11, 2011  By Callow Feair  
These skates are cool except for the HUGE frames and giant wheel fore and aft. I replaced the frames and wheels with something smaller and they ride good. As-is
   4 Stars!!, April 11, 2011  By Nick  
Overall this is a pretty good skate. extremely comfortable. Tons of toe room. The liner is great. havent even come close to a blister. you can ride with no socks and be fine. I didn't like the 72's too much so i'm going to get a GC flt 2 frame. buy some new wheels though.. they're awful. RW has a 72 for sale in a nice blue to match. Happy rollin everyone!
   5 Stars!!, March 23, 2011  By John  
I just got mine today and I love them already. They are soo comfortable and they are super fast. I definitely recommend them. The soul plates are so big. I can lock on no problem.
   5 Stars!!, March 19, 2011  By Jack-a-Laka  
Just ordered these im am friken pumped cant wait!!!!!!!!!! buy them now!!!!!!!!!!!
   4 Stars!!, January 29, 2011  By j1mb0  
01/29/11 Just got my point 8's yesterday! they're my first pair of aggressive inline skates and i really like them. Very comfy for brand new blades. The liners feel great and i like the 72mm wheels with the anti rockers. they also come with (8) 56mm wheels if you like the roll that way. only few downsides i found where there is not that much ventilation going on
   5 Stars!!, September 26, 2010  By Fralick  
It's just an updated downtown 1
   5 Stars!!, June 25, 2010  By Dr greenthumb  
Buying this skate it´s really a good deal
   5 Stars!!, May 15, 2010  By wesley  
Great skates
   5 Stars!!, March 15, 2010  By danny v  
i just got these 2 days ago and there amazing ive always skated rb. i stoped skating for 4 years and i got these and i feel like im ten times better then i was. maybe the skates maybe the weaties i ate who knows
   5 Stars!!, February 16, 2010  By pro skater in x games  
look people this is great for beginners also great for the non rich families i understand that people don't have a lot of money to spend on skates that is why i think you should buy these because they have basically replaceable parts like grind pads and you can use these for a long time i bought these used them for 10 years the wheels i give a 10 star for the greatest i also believe that these should be used for all ages so if you just started or know what your doing buy them these are thank you for reading
   5 Stars!!, November 14, 2009  By T3VO  
DUDE. ok where do i start? i just got these skates about 5 hours ago and let me tell u. THESE ARE SICK!!! the soul plate is wide as uk. and the 72mm wheels are duh bomb. if your lookin at buyin these skates. DO IT!! its the best deal ever. the only thing i dont like is when u put on the 56 mm you cant put on the anti rockers too cuz their too big. but other than that. im all for these things 100%
   5 Stars!!, November 8, 2009  By Seth  
these skates are awesome the 72mm wheels are great ... the pavement outside of my house is really bumpy but with these skates it feels like im skating at a skate park 5 stars ... def. recommend
   5 Stars!!, October 22, 2009  By mastablada  
these skates are the best ever made
   5 Stars!!, September 2, 2009  By Ben  
the skate itself is amazing i love the 72 mm wheels rolls fast and you stay strapped in my only problem is the liner comfortable but hits my shins and makes them very unpleasant
   5 Stars!!, August 18, 2009  By Benistheshif  
this skate is awesome fast as hell and slides flawlessly i definitly would recomend to everyone there heavy skates real heavy in comparison to others but it helps em. super fast sliding skates as well. theres also alot of different ways you can configure the wheel the 72s are sick though in my own opinion.
   5 Stars!!, August 12, 2009  By brandon  
these are the best skates i've used..the frame is okay but overall very good skates..thanks rollerwarehouse!!
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