Kizer Slimline 2 White Frames

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Kizer Slimline 2 White Frames  
Kizer Slimline 2 White Frames
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Small 5.0-7.0
Medium 8.0-10.5
Large 11.0-13.0
Tired of riding a flat setup in a frame made for an anti-rocker setup? Well Kizer has answered back with the completely revamped Slimline 2 Frames. This time around the frame was engineered with a flat setup in mind. Multiple different wheel setups and lightweight design make this one of the better frames for flat you can get.

8mm Rocker-able Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Recessed Frame Walls
Concave h-block shape to reduce wheel bite
Allows for multiple different wheel setups
Ideal Flat-Rocker Frame

The Kizer Slimline is one of the younger additions to the Kizer family. The 2011 re-vamped version of this frame has been designed as the ultimate flat setup frame thanks to the help of the industries leaders in frame technology including the one and only Al Dolega.
A flat setup is beneficial for a number of reasons: It allows you better speed and control as well as improved anti-shock. Flat setups allow for faster turns and also allow for longer wheel life.

Wheel Setup Options:
58mm wheels in a flat-rocker setup all rockered down.
56mm wheels in a flat-rocker setup all rockered up
60mm wheels on the outside rockered up and 56mm wheels on the inside rockered down.
72mm wheels on the outside rockered down and anti-rockers on the inside.

Small - 243mm
Medium - 258mm
Large - 277mm

Sizes Small: 5.0 - 7.0, Medium 8.0-10.5, Large: 11.0 - 13.0

Color: White
 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 6 Customer Reviews  
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   Slimeline 2, March 4, 2018  By Tyler Van De Putte (Oxnard, CA)(Verified)
I’ve owned 2 pairs of these frames, they last a long time. I had ridden my first pair for nearly a year doing street and park skating. They are great for riding anti-rocker, freestyle and flat-rocker. Though the stats say you can only put 60 and 56 for a rocketed flat setup, I personally have put 62 rockered up in the frames and 58 rockered down on a medium sized frame. So it is possible to skate these with a bigger wheel setup.
   Don't sleep on these, January 15, 2017  By Allen Wilburn (Sparks, NV)(Verified)
These frames are just incredible. I skate large xsjados and have had difficulty finding a good frame. I was worried about wheel bite with these but I popped in a 58mm Dead wheel setup in these anyway. Today I was skating ledges at the local park and the wheels never became an obstruction. In fact, I was learning new grinds because these gave me the comfort and confidence I was seeking.

Long wheelbase, huge groove, frames are contoured to reduce friction in grinds. I highly recommend these. Thanks for reading. Peace.
   Best Frames Out There!, November 8, 2016  By Ulisses (Pittsburg, CA)(Verified)
These frames are perfect right out the box, the slide fast, H block is big enough that you won't have any problem or wheel bite, you can do park, streets, ledges the material is solid that you don't have to worry about wear them out.

You can rocker up or down, that makes them even better, if you are looking for the best frames, THIS IS THE ONE!

Make sure to get 2 set, because this ones will run out quick.
   Flat, like god intended blades to be ridden., March 15, 2015  By RYAN (VACAVILLE, CA)
These frames are probably one of the best things to happen to rolling since the release of of the original K2 Fatty and the adoption of the UFS standard! Flat is how I have rode for years and always had to deal with catching on rails and ledges. The only upside to this was it made your form and style have to be spot-on. Now I can be a bit sloppy with lower risk of catching and eating crap.

I bought these at the same time with a set of Kaltik flat frames. They ride about the same, but in my opinion, the Kizers are superior for several reasons: First is the fit; I had to use a Dremel to grind down the Kaltiks to fit my Razors SP1s, so that the frame and base would mate up flat. Also, the Kizers come with metal spacers that are rockerable, the Kaltiks come with plastic spacers that offer no rockering and are noisy. The Kizer frames use a split-axle that is captive on one side which makes getting the axle through those wheel bearing spacers much easier and still only requires one tool for tightening. The Kaltiks have a full axle and need two wrenches to tighten. The Kizers have a longer wheelbase while having a slightly lower profile than the Kaltiks.

The only downside to these frames is you are limited to a 58mm wheel rockered down, which cuts your buying choices in half.

Try these and you will love them. Buy an extra set while they are available.
   Slimeline 2 Frame, November 20, 2013  By Jason (Bridgetown)
My set up is 59mm outside and 55.5 on inside all rocker up !!!!!amazing frame..Flat set up is the best.The only bad thing is the height of the frame is a bit to high profile but still a great frame!get them!
   Slimeline 2 Frame, November 20, 2013  By Jason (Bridgetown)
My set up is 59mm outside and 55.5 on inside all rocker up !!!!!amazing frame..Flat set up is the best.The only bad thing is the height of the frame is a bit to high profile but still a great frame!get them!
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