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Xsjado 2.0 Schwab II GC Skates
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Complete with: Ground Control Featherlite 3 Black Frames, Eulogy Soichiro 58mm 89a (4-Pack), & RollerBones Precision Skate Bearings (8-Pack)

Schwab getting his second pro boot from Xsjado. Clean setup with 2.0 soulplates and cuffs. Unique grey soulplates and maroon highlights really bring this skate together. Simple lace footwrap in black suede.


    Relief Cut Pedals in the top of the Cuff
    High Quality Leather Strap
    Added Strap Protection & Allows Regular Buckle Mounting (Optional)
    2 Piece Hinged Cuff
    3 Position Adjustable Instep Strap Mount
    Memory Foam Tongue Padding
    3 Position Adjustable Double Ring Mount
    Slimmer & Stronger Nylon Upper Strap
    New Slim Instep Design
    Smaller Flex Vent for more support
    Memory Foam Instep Padding
    Relocated Buckle Position
    New 1 Piece Soul

This is Xsjado skates all new mold for the Xsjado's featuring some much needed improvements. Namely the new 1 piece soulplate that will now come in 4 sizes instead of 2, ensuring a proper fit. They've also used a better more high quality foam this time around, memory foam to mold to your foot and provide maximum comfort.
Now if you are unfamiliar with how a Xsjado inline skate works, let me explain: This skate is kind of like a snowboard binding, you put your foot into the shoe (footwrap) and then step into the skate. This skate has 2 velcro straps and a metal ratchet to help keep your foot locked into place inside of the Xsjado's. These blades will be great for vert, street, park, or just cruising around.
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   Great from head to... well not the toe., May 25, 2016  By Gabriel (San Diego, CA)
I love this skate! everything about it is great. They are narrowing down my definition of a perfect skate. I absolutely love how customizable it is with where it needs to be tight or loose. My one and only problem with it would be the little tiny metal part that holds the toe strap in place. I've gone through too many sole plates because that weak metal strap holder breaks, my last one only lasted 3 months. It's not exactly a cheap fix either, $45 for a new pair of soul plates. I've been a supporter of Xsjados for years and still think they are GREAT skates, I just don't have the money to keep them going. Hope they fix that soon so I can get a pair. I'll unfortunately be moving on for now though.
   Inline living in the city, August 25, 2015  By Anonymous (new york, NY)
Xsjado are awesome. Started skating at 10 Years old I am 31 now. I have not skated for the past 4 years but as soon as I seen a pair of inline skate that could be warn with its own sneakers type foot wrap I was sold. Xsjado are the answer to years of frustration having to lug around sneakers in a bag. Those days are no more. Your Xsjado are going to need a bit of tweaking such as the option of replaced the Velcro straps with a more reliable razors buckle and strap kit. In fact your going to have to adjust them to suit your comfort and the size of the boot takes a bit of time to get used to. The frames that come with these Xsados are good but if your like me you want to use them for more then just the skate park. So my suggestion is to also get a pair of kizer level 2 or 3 that have max wheels ranging from 76mm to 72mm Both sizes you can get a good flow in the street with. I'm from New York City and I am forced to go through different types of terrain without warning. All and all a killer buy .... shipping was very smooth... Thanks Roller Warehouse Shout out to David for taking his time and being patient with me ..Good Looking Out Bro.
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