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K2 Unnatural Olive Skates
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Athlete-approved and the flagship of the K2 Aggressive series is the Unnatural aggressive inline skate, geared for hard-charging skaters looking to push the boundaries of the sport. Built around a rich, black leather-textured upper, the Unnatural features 60mm wheels, a reinforced SoftBoot® construction to the upper, and the combination of a ratchet buckle cuff closure and replaceable mid-foot powerstrap. It also has the added comfort benefits of a shock absorbing foot bed. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely redesigned 1- piece soul for extra durability, with Teflon® inserts that reduce friction and allow you to slide almost any surface. The Unnatural also features K2’s new UFS compliant frame. This frame can to be ridden flat ensuring that your inner wheels won’t get hung up on H-Block based tricks. For those that want to ride a rockered setup, K2’s frame hardware allows you to add rocker to your wheel setup without having to buy smaller wheels. If that’s not enough, we channeled out a huge groove that works in harmony with the new Aggressive Base to create the easiest of platforms for locking on, whether riding a flat or rockered setup.

Wheel Size: 60mm
Lacing: Traditional
Skate Cuff: Aggressive Cuff
Skate Frame: Aggressive UFS Frame
Wheels/Bearings: 60mm/ABEC-5 Bearings
K2: True to size fit. Average width.
Shell Sizing: Individual

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   K2s Best Offering in the Last Decade, May 16, 2017  By Vincent (Indianapolis, IN)
I love these skates. These are what I was expecting my Seba CJ Wellsmore skates to be, but better.

To get good forward flex out of the box, this is what I did:

You do not want to tighten everything up on these skates. You need to start with everything pretty loose before you roll around.

I loosened the laces of the Unnaturals a lot, all the way down, then put my foot in. I laced them at about 80-85% tightness (there's no real way for me to measure this) and only laced them to the 3rd eyelet from the top and opted to not lace through the top lacing spot on the tongue.

Instep strap is clamped down tight.

The end of the buckle goes about 6-7 clicks past the end of the buckle receptor guard, then it's time to move on to the top velcro strap.

I crouch down a bit to force forward flex and do up the velcro strap at about 75% tightness. As you skate around, you will need to tighten the buckle and top velcro strap eventually to your desired tightness and forward flexibility. You should be able to feel it when you hit the sweet spot. When you do, it's vastly different than trying to skate them tight out of the box.

I got so many tricks back that I lost when I went to Xsjados.

The long frame length for an 11 US boot took some getting used to, but I enjoy these skates. The souls and frames slide so nice, and feel faster than the Xsjado 2.0, Carbon, Nimh/SSM, and Seba souls.

The frames are what I was expecting Kaltiks and Bigs to be, but better. I did not experience any wheel bite in 3 hours grinding every ledge and quarter in the park.

If you want to try them and don't have wide feet, pull the trigger already.
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