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Razors Cosmo/Shift Combo Skates
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Includes: Razors Cosmo 80mm Freeskates, Razors Shift Slider Soulframes (Black), Razors Shift Slider Soulplates (Black), Ground Control Featherlite 3 Charcoal Frames, Ground Control 62mm 90a Black Wheels 4-Pack, & Abec 9 Bearings 8-Pack.

The Razors Cosmo addresses one of the biggest issues in freeskating: transfer of power. As most boots are made of a relatively flexible material, the frame tends to flex if attached directly to the boot. Razors solved this problem by attaching the frame to a soul frame, which is made of a super stiff material and distributes the power across the whole bottom of the boot. This results in a solid connection, from foot to wheel, helping you get the most from each and every stride.

The Cosmo comes with Razors new Instant Frame Changing System (IFC) allowing you easily replace worn parts and convert your freeskate into a hockey or aggressive skate in seconds. The Cosmo liner utilizes a thinner padding for better boot feel and control.  You’ll be able to strap in nice and tight using our heel-retention ratchet and aluminum cuff buckle.  An aircraft grade aluminum frame and super high rebound 80mm/85A wheels serve up a smooth and effortless ride.

-          Full transfer of power
-          Instant Frame Changing system (IFC)
-          Replaceable slider on outside of boot
-          GC aircraft grade 6061 aluminum frame (80mm max)
-          GC 80mm/85A super high rebound wheels
-          Abec 9 Bearings
-          Heel retention strap & ratchet buckle
-          Slim liner with articulated ankle support
-          Aluminum cuff buckle

The soul frame is the platform that’s holding the boot and frame together. It's made of a super tough, fiberglass-reinforced Nylon plastic increasing the stiffness and responsiveness of the skate.  It also allows full transfer of power which is especially important when using bigger frames for recreation and speed. The one piece slider is made of tough, fiberglass-reinforced Nylon for superior strength, stiffness and durability. It also protects the outside of the boot and can be replaced in seconds if worn out. 
Cosmo/Shifts: Run about a half size small.
Shell Sizing: 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13

Please note the above measurements are for the skate's plastic shell, not the liner.

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 2 Customer Reviews  
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   A bit heavy for freeriding, January 6, 2020  By Albert (Brooklyn, NY)(Verified)
I got these for my first rollerblades since my long hiatus. I got these because I wanted to get back to basic inline skating with a proper form, but was planning to get back into aggressive skating when I get used to it again. These fit really tight at first but after loosening up the laces, I was able to fit my foot in and then tighten them back up. The liners take a few sessions to get really comfortable. I wish the tongue of the liners were a bit higher.

The wheels felt great at first, but after 20 miles, I lost a lot of roll and felt like I was exerting more energy than I used to so definitely upgrade the stock wheels once they've run out of polyurethane.

I've skated them for a 12-mile session and they just felt too heavy to skate them comfortably. Maybe it's just because I didn't have the proper form so I'm continuing to get better at my strides.

I have the 110mm wheels with the cosmo soul plates now and they are very stiff (in a good way) and I feel like the power transfer is great. Once again, I think the weight of the boots sort of hinder me right now to skate farther.
   Gretest Skate of All Time, April 18, 2019  By Anonymous (Provo, UT)
This is a deal. I bought the cosmos first and then bought ice skate frames, then bought aggressive frames. Each of my set ups has a different soul plate.

These boots are sexy. Their flexible to your needs. I take cosmos to work. I switch to the aggressive set up when I'm at the skate park. When I feel like it I go ice skating as well. I also take the cosmos down asphalt river side trails.

These are unequivocally greatest skates I've ever owned. The Razors Metro bag let's you keep another setup in your backpack as well.

The amount of value you get out of this product suite is unbelievable. The build quality is phenomenal. The look is killer. Go black on soul plates if you have an option.

The only downsides are they are a bit tight at first (this goes away quickly) and they can be a bit squeaky. It's such a minor concern for me because the build quality is so good.

Seriously if you enjoy skating and have several use cases, these will save space in your apartment \ car. It's literally amazing that you can have a $300 skate when you go ice skating or free skating. I feel like I got $900 worth of skates for like $450.

Literally incredible. Again these are the greatest skates I've ever owned, hands down.
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