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   5 Stars!!, July 1, 2011  By Stewart  
Thanks Andy
   5 Stars!!, June 5, 2011  By Levi  
Got these in last week. Love em :) went skating for the first time ever today and it was a blast. I upgraded the frames to GC featherlite 2 and the bearings to bone reds when i ordered. It was pretty easy to lock into grinds with the lighter frames and the anti rockers these skates come with. I wish i would have upgraded the liner though. My only complaint is the elastic that holds the tounge is really thick so it rubbed a huge blister on the arch of my foot. Other then that these are great :) i recommend them for begginers like me. Cheap price even with the upgrades and easy to learn on.
   4 Stars!!, June 1, 2011  By Byron McLaggan  
Just got these skates in about a week ago and i love em. I might not be the best blader out there
   5 Stars!!, April 25, 2011  By brendan  
i might order these.
   5 Stars!!, April 21, 2011  By GABE  
   4 Stars!!, March 17, 2011  By John  
I just got these not to long ago thy look great skate super smooth great for grinding especially on the positive side the only thing is i would recommend changing the bearings and wheels also after awhile i definitely recommend changing the frame
   5 Stars!!, December 21, 2010  By James Landucci  
these blades are awesome. super comfortable and great skate for a low price. got an awesome set up with the GC FLT freestyle frames and Eulogy JC Rowe wheels. i wish the souls were a little bit bigger but they work well enough. a shoutout goes out to my boy Andy. thanks for the great customer service. i will be coming back to order more stuff just because of the great customer service. you are awesome bro.
   3 Stars, September 5, 2010  By Daniel  
I got these skates about a year ago and I thought they were really good! About 6 months later the liner was all worn down
   4 Stars!!, February 11, 2010  By jarred  
these are a really good sk8.Great price
   5 Stars!!, December 27, 2009  By myles  
I just got them a couple days ago i think they are great skates for begginers. I like them because they are light and fashinable. I think they are awesome skates for anyone.
   5 Stars!!, August 21, 2009  By skippyjackson  
throw the gc featherlight 2 purple frames on here....looks slick...slides great
   5 Stars!!, July 31, 2009  By Clay Corbin  
ive had these skates and got able frames with them awhile ago. they lock on sup well and r realy comfortable. they can be worn super tight around your shins or loose so u can mouve ur legs around a lot for topside grinds and what not. if u r beginner i recommend getting these skates or if u experianced
   4 Stars!!, July 28, 2009  By lgen caba  
just got them today...they nice..i stared grinding on da first day..lolsz..thanks
   5 Stars!!, July 19, 2009  By adam  
awesome sweet great skate that iz good 4 all types of skaters!!!
   5 Stars!!, July 18, 2009  By Ja  
I just ordered them yesterday and i cant wait till they get here. Im a soldier and im in Korea so i have to wait a lil longer to get em here. Cant wait to test em out.
   5 Stars!!, June 28, 2009  By brian  
these are beast skates i entered some contests and won
   5 Stars!!, June 4, 2009  By max  
i got this skate a week ago and i only have one simple word.......AWESOME!!!!!!!
   5 Stars!!, May 31, 2009  By Cym  
Ordered Cult9 last thursday and got it on Weds.... Awesome skate!!! esp for a beginner like me... love the new plates!
   5 Stars!!, May 25, 2009  By david  
ya well i jus orderd these today cant wait till i get them any advise about them from anyone that alredy has em
   5 Stars!!, May 23, 2009  By gabiel  
aawesome skates just got them today. theyre light and fu@#$n awesome. get them. now!!
   5 Stars!!, May 12, 2009  By Dustin  
Great first time sk8 can never go wrong with razor
   5 Stars!!, April 28, 2009  By isaac  
i cant wait to gett emm
   5 Stars!!, April 17, 2009  By jeff dobbertin  
This skate is the sh!t!!!!!!!!!
   5 Stars!!, March 29, 2009  By Alex  
This skate is sweet. i got trs dt4's and they suck... there big clunky and uncomfortable. these skates are lightweight and they dont hurt your feet. there perfect
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