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   Amazing skates, August 13, 2012  By Ej Rivera (naples, FL)
I purchased these back in 2010 and they are still in excelent condition I haven't had to replace any parts. I go to the skatepark every once in a while and i haven't had any problems. I practically skate everywhere in these. Great begginer skate. And all the parts are replacable.
(Ps. amazing price)
   5 Stars!!, February 8, 2012  By Andy@rollerwarehouse.com  
Hey Justin
   5 Stars!!, October 7, 2011  By Loki  
I want to get some aggressive skates and it but i don't know how to brake is there anyway to put a brake on them if not any idea on any that you can?
   5 Stars!!, July 8, 2011  By sam  
hi how r u man.. can i ask u a question i bought a pair of these skates size 10 and i am 15 years old and my size in boots is 9 so wat i should do ??
   5 Stars!!, May 14, 2011  By sam  
Just ordered these today! i don't think i can wait the 3-5 business days....
   5 Stars!!, May 12, 2011  By Andy@RollerWarehouse  
Yes size 8.0 is still available! Call us at 800-772-2502 if you have any questions.
   5 Stars!!, May 12, 2011  By sammy specs  
THese look sick! i'm ordering a pair friday then rollin them all day the day i get them!
   5 Stars!!, May 11, 2011  By andy  
i wear size 7 but there are no 8s can i order 8 from the phone? plz anwser i want these soooooooooooooooo BAD!
   5 Stars!!, May 10, 2011  By RW  
I would go for a size 10 if I were you. The 8-9 shell probably be a bit too small for you
   5 Stars!!, May 9, 2011  By Victor  
i really like they way they look
   5 Stars!!, May 7, 2011  By andy  
iam oder5ing them today!
   4 Stars!!, April 26, 2011  By hector  
im still waiting for mines to arrive
   5 Stars!!, April 26, 2011  By Kamil  
Hey im kamil im ordering them today :) if you have a size 10 or whatever always buy a size bigger just saying :]
   5 Stars!!, April 16, 2011  By Dominic  
I wear 9 in men shoes so what should i get in these skates ??
   5 Stars!!, March 28, 2011  By michael blacklock  
im size 10 men in shoes so what size would i get in men for roller blades
   5 Stars!!, March 27, 2011  By tori  
shipped to east coast in 5days
   5 Stars!!, March 20, 2011  By Gillian  
Hello (: I generally wear a 10 in women's and my hockey skates are size 10 in men's but inlines run different so I was just curious what size I should get?
   5 Stars!!, March 6, 2011  By aubrey  
these skates are great ive skated them for 2 hours
   5 Stars!!, February 25, 2011  By gavin  
hi i wear size 6n a half wa size should i get thease in
   5 Stars!!, January 30, 2011  By Maggie  
I'm a 14 year girl and wear 7 1/2 what size should I get these in mens?
   5 Stars!!, January 29, 2011  By colin  
i wish they had these in custom
   5 Stars!!, December 23, 2010  By Quinn  
very good for grinding slide well dont wear down easily i replaced the wheels with eulogys
   5 Stars!!, December 10, 2010  By chris  
these are very good skates for air tricks and grinding
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