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   Almost...., August 20, 2012  By Anonymous (Gardena, CA)
These skates are awesome, their flex is amazing, and they have helped me progress in my skating a lot. The only downside to these skates is that they are very uncomfortable. I think my feet may be wider than most people's, so that may be the cause of the discomfort. They are narrow near the front, and were wreaking havoc on my pinky toe. I couldn't skate them for more than an hour without them starting to hurt. I would advise people with wide feet to stay away from these.
   Great Skates, August 13, 2012  By Anonymous 
These are a good pair of blades for almost any skill level. They look awesome and are light on the feet. The only downside I see in these is that I have to buckle them really tight because they are quite flexy. But otherwise I would recommend these skates, especially if you like flexibility!
   Great for a beginner but you get what you pay for, August 13, 2012  By Anonymous (Waterloo)
When it comes to flex OS skates are amazing you can do topsides and royales with ease. But there are some trade-offs, I find the open shell causes you to lose some of the feeling for the rail as it often feels like your liner and the boot are two separate parts. It also makes them super light, which is good. However I also bang my toes in them all the time. The liner break-in period is also excruciating. Personally I'm going to start looking for a skate with better foot control and a more solid construction, but if you're looking for something that's light, has great flex and is cheap it's definitely a good skate.
   5 Stars!!, April 28, 2011  By Matthew  
Discard my last review it was because I ordered 3 sizes too large but if you are looking for a thin skate; USD is your best bet.
   3 Stars, April 12, 2011  By Kyle  
Overall pretty good skates. They are a little uncomfortable at first
   5 Stars!!, March 16, 2011  By Ben  
I have been skating these for about three months i don't really skate every single day but they are falling apart...all this talk of a new liner is bulls#$t. the new liner sucks. i switched it out for a jug liner. the straps fray and fall off after a while and the buckle broke TWICE...these are def a price point skate...but they do skate pretty good after a few weeks of breaking them in. your best bet is to go with a GC frame i ordered them with able frames and they where way to heavy.
   5 Stars!!, March 8, 2011  By austin  
they're one of my favorites
   5 Stars!!, March 8, 2011  By mikey  
they look cool and light and all but what are the abec ratings??? are they abec 3
   5 Stars!!, January 31, 2011  By justin 97  
these skates are really good just got them yesterday and they are amazing
   4 Stars!!, October 31, 2010  By philip  
they are really good for the price very supportive and flexible but if you have a little more money then i would go for the hr1.1 i tried them and they are amazing
   5 Stars!!, September 12, 2010  By moe lester  
i cant wait to get these!!!
   5 Stars!!, August 19, 2010  By David Rivera  
I have a good feeling about these..
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