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   The most comfortable skate since the K2 Fatty Pro, April 20, 2020  By RYAN (Elk Grove, CA)
For most of the time I've been skating I have disregarded Rollerblade's brand as the evil empire that put more stock into selling recreational skates, rather than investing in the aggressive market. Well, how times have changed in the sport, and I guess I am glad that they are even making aggressive inline skates at all.

I have been skating Razors SL2s for the past 5 years, but have always had the issue of my feet going to sleep in them, despite riding a size and a half bigger than my shoe size. It really came down to the shape of the boot, which made me look into a hybrid softboot skate. Enter the New Jack Team.

These came in (unfortunately, RW didn't have my size) and they were immediately super comfortable. I ordered the Blank liner that comes in the NJ Pros, and they got even better. The support, comfort and responsiveness are on point. I can ride on these for hours on end now, where my SLs only got an hour of attention before they became uncomfortable. I found that my confidence in trying new tricks escalated since I could actually feel my feet. The Zytel Blank frames are rightfully hyped and I even went back to riding anti-rocker from flat, just to enjoy the fast slide they give. I put middle wheels in to ride distance around town with my girlfriend.

My only concern is there is no replaceable backslide plate, but that is not a big deal since I mostly ride parks.

These are comfy and stylish and I hope the line continues.

   Good for beginners, but..., March 5, 2020  By Dan (Indianapolis, IN)
When I got these skates they were nice and fresh, apart from the VERY loud squeaking that took a while to wear off they were pretty good. They are fairly slippery on grinds, but not that bad. The stock wheels sucked, replace those as soon as possible. The real problem was about my 5th session at the park the threading that connects the boot started to rip, next landing I did the whole front riped open exposing the liner, making them pretty useless and insecure, I tried re-securing it with tape but it didn't work well. Like I said good for people learning how to skate, but to experienced skaters I can't recommend these skates.
   Nice Skate, June 10, 2018  By Anonymous (BATON ROUGE, LA)
I haven't skated in around 17 years and these are the only skates I've tried for my late 30's return to the sport, so take my review with a grain of salt. Very comfortable for my slightly wide foot. A tad heavy. This is definitely a raised heel skate. Pretty slow and unforgiving do to the antirocker and me being a fat old man. Sole tricks slide pretty well. The royale is difficult for me in these. When I was able to get the boot down on a royale, it was unspeakably fast and I would slide out. I like these skates and they seem really tough, but I would be curious to try out the other skates at the $200 price point: USD VII, K2 street, Razors SL3, and maybe Roces M12 but they narrow and I didn't really like that boot back in the mid 90's. I will update after i've switched to flat rocker and put some more time on these skates
   New RB are sick!!, January 15, 2018  By Billy ford (Jonesboro, AR)
Love these skates, rollerblade still has that touch!! Super tough can take a beatin and very comfy even with stock liners!! 5 stars!!!! A must have for softboot fans!!!
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