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USD Carbon Black Boots
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USD Carbon Black Boots

New USD Carbon for. One of the lightest skates on the market. Same super solid construction as previous Carbon models. Comes with one piece soul plate. Low cut fit with heat moldable lining.
USD Carbon Size CM EU
7.0 24.8 39
7.5 25.5 40
8.0 26.1 41
9.0 26.8 42
10.0 27.5 43
10.5 28.2 44
11.0 28.9 45
12.0 29.6 46
 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 4 Customer Reviews  
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   USD Carbon Black Skates, September 16, 2022  By Jesse (Coeur d'Alene, ID)(Verified)
totally loving these things. they are light, compact, but still have plenty of room. i have wide feet so i always size up and i'm glad i did with these too. they fit perfectly. not past the break in yet but i'm doing fine no rubbing or blisters. they ride lower on your ankle than other skates creating a pressure point but i am thinking once they're broken in/im used to them it wont be an issue. they are heat moldable as well but i probably wont bother with that as they are plenty comfy already. this is the first USD skate i bought new, my only other set was some obscure sifika thrones i found on craigslist. i plan on having these forever way to go USD
   USD CARBONS (JESUS SANDALS), June 17, 2021  By Joey (EAST ELMHURST, NY)(Verified)
First off shout out to RW!!! (2021 USD CARBONS AKA JESUS SANDALS) This is definitely a product that is worth every cent 110% These bad boys can with stand whatever you throw at them they are extremely durable (Long time carbon rider) slide amazing, huge soul and negative plates, for sure gives you a sense of confidence as they are so lightweight and nimble yet they're so solid on grinds/gaps you name it(no heel bruises here) Be careful downsizing with these here, I wear size 10.5 or 11 shoes and went with a size 10 they feel perfect!!
   Great Skates!, May 15, 2021  By Hector Martinez (Irvine, CA)(Verified)
These are great skates! I really enjoy them for several reasons. First, the carbon is really stiff making the skate very responsive and surprisingly shock absorbing. Second, the padding is very firm but breaks in nicely, conforming to the shape of your foot. Finally, the cuffs provide a lot of ankle support despite their low height. I love the one-to-one feel of the soft boot design with the integrated liner. I have been skating on and off since the mid-'90s and was also pleasantly surprised at how well the souls lock on grinds. I could not be any happier with my purchase and the excellent customer service from the folks at Roller Warehouse who were great about answering my questions when deciding on a pair of skates, frames, and wheels for my new setup. Thank you!
   Really Good Skates, April 3, 2021  By JONATHON (WILLISTON, ND)(Verified)
I’ve tried the USD carbon frees and they’re good , but these are better. These are as light as the aeons but without the toecrushing toebox . I was a little bit scared of downsizing in these as I’m used to wearing a size 10 shoe but I saw many reviews saying I can downsize , so i measured my foot and made sure everything was correct and I downsized a whole size 10 to 9 . I’d say these are 1 below your true shoe size . At first I had pressure points on my left foot but not my rignt , but literally heatmolding and 1 session fixed all that and they are very very responsive and very comfortable , which makes me more confident in my skating which I love . I recommend these skates for anyone , especially ones that want a tight but comfortable and responsible skate. 10/10 would buy again
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