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   Year one update, May 15, 2023  By Dillon (NV)(Verified)
These boots have held up through quite rigorous skating. Almost every day for the past year. They are still holding up great and the only thing I've had to replace were the cuffs (My own fault) but other than that there have been no issues. Plates are still holding up. I use the my fit liner for almost every skate I own now purely because of the quality of the liner. It's a good boot and definitely worth it
   USD Farmer Sway 2, October 27, 2022  By Dillon (Reno, NV)(Verified)
These boots are probably the best bang for your buck right now. High quality liner, durable plastic, and extremely stable on grinds. There are a few things that have bugged me however.

1: Without heat molding the boot is extremely stiff and uncomfortable. (As to be expected) You MUST make sure that you get the proper size before you buy.

2: The tongue inserts that come with the boot are unreliable and almost unnoticeable when riding. They tend to fly out of the tongue when skating even on a simple 180.
3: the teeth on the cuff are way too big. I have to jam my hand under the buckle to even get them off (I'm sure over time the plastic will weaken and be less of a hinderance).
4: stock insoles are way too soft for my personal feel. A pair of FP insoles will 100% change these skates
Now for the Pros

1: High quality durable material (didn't expect less from usd)

2: The look and style of this skate is beautiful. Even though it is a recolored sway, the orange highlighs of the liner really pop out.

3: Great points of stiffness and flex. It bends where it needs to and stays where it doesn't. Post heatmolding I have not felt any pressure points or sharp pains where I normally would when breaking in a pair of boots.

All in all highly recommended; just make sure these are the boots you want.
   Great value overshadow minor annoyances., August 2, 2022  By Vaughan (ST GEORGE, UT)
The crown liner alone boosts the value of this boot past its peers. The closest comparison is the Sway Allstar 2000, for just over $209. So you are getting a $125 liner for an additional $15 with this boot vs the Allstar.

The Crown liner feels excellent and has many point of customization. Heat moldable. Removable heel pads. Ergonomic and cushioned insoles. Removable liner cuff for rigidity and tongue pockets with plastic shells for additional rigidity. Unfortunately the tongue shells tend to get shaken out during skating. Powerslide should consider velcro fasteners for the pockets to prevent the shells from being just a gimmick. Still an over all great liner.

The Sway shell is a raised heel design making the heel pads in the liner somewhat unnecessary. The cuff is very flexible, in combination with the very soft liner you can feel unstable if you are used to more supportive skates. It's not bad just different, and probably good for people who get very low while grinding. The shape of the shell is relatively thin, like the Roces M12. My skate was long enough but even after switching to a thinner liner my arches still ached and started to chafe after extended use. People with wider feet will want to upsize if possible.

The soul plate is excellent. I'm not e very experienced skater, but landing soul grinds was noticeably easier. Basically training wheels for grinds.

The 45 degree strap is good. I want one on my other skates.

Laces are good. Wish they were waxed.

The buckle strap has some weird fitment issues, the teeth seem slightly too large, making it extremely annoying to try and remove the boot from my foot after an exhausting session. This will probably fix itself over time, but it's still irritating.

Looks great.

While not perfect, this boot offers great value with practical upgrades compared to the other Sway models.
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