USD Sway Montre Pro II Custom Skates
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USD Montre Sway Boot II complete with GC Fl3 white frames, UC Crofts wheels, and Rollerbones bearings.

Montre: "I originally started skating the Sway skate just to try it out and see how a hard boot would feel after skating carbon style skates. To be honest, at first I didn't really like them. It wasn't until after I broke my ankle and needed more ankle support that I really started to like the Sway model. Its hard but light shell was perfect for going big and it could hold up to the torture I put them through.

When I chose this boot for my pro skate, I knew I'd have to upgrade it a bit. I added the 45 powerstrap to the boot to give it a solid heel-lock making the skates five times more responsive to your movements.The MyFit Fat Boy liners are my favorites so I obviously had to add them, with a bit of my own flare to the design but lets be honest, the FatBoy liners don't need any changes. I went with a white boot this time simply because I've never had a pro boot this color. As most of you know, my favorite color is red so, it was an easy decision to add red details. The Monkey King theme has been a long time coming and I feel that, if you know of the origins, you'd see that its a great fit for me haha. Smooth white boot with red accents, ya cant beat it. Simple and dope. Just the way I like em.
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