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   Almost perfect, January 6, 2017  By Scott (Lake Como, NJ)(Verified)
the boot, frames, and soul plate make this skate. perfect fit, true to size and wide enough for anyone. Plus theyre damn good looking. (I wear size nine vans and bought these size nine and its perfect)

Liners are really nice, except they have this lace thing that runs up the tongue of them. Theyre nice since you can tighten it down but you end up with all this excess string hanging out the boot (fixable by cutting and retying them on the button clip). It think its an uncessary feature to the liners, but in all it's deff not necessary to switch them out since theyre really nice liners anyway.

Out of the box these cuffs are super stiff and felt like I couldnt even do a royale or farhv. To be fair I picked skating back up after like 10 years and arent really that experienced so take my review with a grain of salt i guess. Since buying them, they have broken in a bit and flex more- but i hardly tighten the buckle like AT ALL since my foot fits in them perfectly anyway. I have a really hard time doing royales, farhvs, and topside tricks if my buckle is even 4 clicks in.

The skates are awesome but if i could do it all over again i would have got the Carbons with the lower and more flexible cuff, and if i wanted the larger soul plates i would get the VII plates on these. The positive and negative side of soul space is amazing on this skate and is the main reason i bought them.

Lastly, the wheels are kinda crappy. I've only had a few sessions with them and they've worn down quite a bit.
   Usd seven grey/gold, July 12, 2016  By Will Bean (Lafayette, IN)
I've been skating close to 18 years now an have skated pretty much everything.I've skated every model of usd so far an these put a big smile on my face! The liners are so comfy! The soul and negatives are awsome! The backslide is simular to carbons except a little bit bigger. I got my skates with slim lines cuz they rock, but besides that the skate is as shown. The only thing is the stock usd wheels wich aren't bad as long as you stick to parks an smooth pavement. If you have a little extra I'd advise getting better wheels.All in all these skates are the shiznit! They fit wide feet also! But yeah I'd recomend these to anyone.....They look so good too!
   Solid choice, July 6, 2016  By Greg P (Rochester, NY)
I can't say enough good things about this skate. Having been skating for 22 years now, i've tried my fair share of skate brands. I always felt there were significant tradeoffs with most skate brands and specific models. The new USD VII's get it right. The somewhat simple, wide boot has been a God-send for my feet and ankles. No need to worry about blisters. I did have one small pressure point, but nothing a heat gun and 5 minutes couldn't fix. I also assume this would have gone away after more break in time. The soulplates are perfect and the added hardware makes them feel solid. My only complaint is they are a little slower than other soul plates out there, but not enough to make me switch them out. Also, the space is huge, both positive and negative side. Finally the liner is perfect; thin enough to not feel like your foot is being squished, but enough padding where it's needed. I'm currently riding them with Kizer slimlines, 72 mm UCs and 56 mm moonshine anti's, but I am a big fan of the fluid frames as well. Also, RW always does a good job with amazing deals as well.
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