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   Dope boots!, August 8, 2021  By Benjamin (HAMMOND, IN)(Verified)
I've wanted these since back in the day when they first came out. They came in the mail today, and they are even better than what I expected. Got the boots, white laces, lavender laces, tools, and a green lucky rabbits foot.
They are awesome. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because one eyelit tore the first time wearing. No biggie though.

**DISCLAIMER** I'm a heavy set guy, wide feet size 11 I got a 14 and they fit beautifully.

Roller warehouse is the best. Thanks guys!
   Stay Fly, October 12, 2014  By Anonymous (Highland Village, TX)

These blades are clean as F***
   Stay Fly, October 12, 2014  By Anonymous (Highland Village, TX)

These blades are clean as F***
   Vallo Ab 1 A++++++++++The Best of the best, October 25, 2012  By Matty Fresh (Las Vegas, NV)
Valo Ab 1 Skate

I recently purchased the Remz Frany Morales skate and gave them an awesome review. Soon after I purchased the Valo Ab 1 boots and was amazed in every way possible. This skate is the real deal. With the fashionable sneaker look and the huge sole/negative plates on them my skating went up a couple notches. Locking onto any grind is so much easier with this skate. I was hesitant at first about buying these but I am very glad I did. I put Ground Control Freestyle frames on and Jug liners into them before I even skated them. With those two things added I am very satisfied with the skate and all add on parts. When grinding it is so much smoother and quitter then many other skates I have skated in the past. I picked these up for $99.00 and it was every sent worth the money. This skate is very well built and it is easy to replace parts if needed. I recommend these to anyone looking to buy new blades. In my opinion they will not be disappointed at all with these. A+++++++++ all together and I am officially a Valo supporter.
   5 Stars!!, February 17, 2012  By sully.G.  
what frames
   5 Stars!!, February 17, 2012  By sully.G.  
hey man do you still stock these id love a pair they look awesome and if not do you know where else i can get them thanks sully
   5 Stars!!, March 26, 2011  By cheesegun  
just ordered these cant wait to get these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ill write another review once i get them and skate em!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   4 Stars!!, February 9, 2011  By Derek W.  
I got these skates two weeks ago. they are fantastic. be sure to clean every now and then
   5 Stars!!, January 18, 2011  By peter  
i dont like that they dont come in bigger sizes! i want them but wtf
   5 Stars!!, December 28, 2010  By victor  
i own thease skates they look great and ride great they slide fast there super comfortable and light. i used to have some rollerblades and the difference is huge.Highly recommended!!!
   5 Stars!!, November 28, 2010  By tyler  
love the rabits foot and u can do some nice torqs wit them
   5 Stars!!, April 15, 2010  By michael  
These skates are sick Get them they have everything thing you could want out of a skate flex
   5 Stars!!, March 30, 2010  By Shawnzees  
I reccomend these boots to anyone who wears size 6 and lookin for a little swag in their skating. Their flexible and solid and the soul never wears out! the strong leather leaves you to less cleaning and rips or holes in the skin. Pluss the AB's look smaller than most valo boots
   5 Stars!!, March 22, 2010  By hunter  
i just gotn these and they rock they slide great
   5 Stars!!, February 20, 2010  By Henry  
Man this skate is the best skate i ever had.they feel great and are ride really nice.
   5 Stars!!, February 3, 2010  By John  
amazing. im rollin like never before and landin grinds i could nvr do on my aragon 2s
   5 Stars!!, December 12, 2009  By Derrek M  
yo these boots are sick they never wear out!!!! lovin them people who read this review get them!!!
   5 Stars!!, November 18, 2009  By alex  
i own these there amazing im in love with them. they ride smooth and feel amazing.there like orgazmic
   5 Stars!!, October 3, 2009  By austin  
wow i have had these for about 6months and ther the best thing ever u should realy get these there flawless
   5 Stars!!, June 16, 2009  By skatinisfun  
omg this skates are awsome.
   5 Stars!!, June 5, 2009  By austin  
i just orderd these yesterday ther so sick i cant wait
   5 Stars!!, May 28, 2009  By Nick  
THese Skates are Sick i Love Them They fit nicely and i love them Valo 4 Life!
   5 Stars!!, April 27, 2009  By jake  
just got theese today
   5 Stars!!, February 21, 2009  By timmy  
these skates are amazing i wouldnt trade for any other skates made rite now!! plus with the featherlite 2 frames couldnt ask for more!! haha
   5 Stars!!, February 12, 2009  By Taylor!!  
i had the razor icons before this and these are by far my favorite skate.. i put some ground control formula 1's and some jug liners.... outstanding..slide amazing!
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