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Blank Black Frames
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Size: Small 5.0-6.5, Medium 7.0-10.5, Large 11.0-15.0
Max Outer Wheel Size: 61mm
Max Inner Wheel Size: 58mm
Made of Zytel (a trademark owned by DuPont)
5/16 ” thick sidewalls
8mm aluminum axles
Aluminum frame spacers
Triangle end axels makes it do you only need one allen wrench to change a wheel
Ideal frame for a flat, anti, or freestyle rocker setup
Allows for multiple different wheel setups
Made in 3 sizes for best possible fit.

Size: Small 5.0-6.5, Medium 7.0-10.5, Large 11.0-15.0
Max Outer Wheel Size: 61mm
Max Inner Wheel Size: 58mm 
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 2 Customer Reviews  
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   good frame, July 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Baton Rouge, LA)
These frames came on my RB New Jack Team skates. I am just getting back into skating after a long hiatus so this is actually the first UFS frame I have used, so I don't have a big frame of reference as to how this compares to other contemporary aggressive frames. I would say this frame slides very fast and is very hard. Really fast on Royales, so the RB sole and the angle may have something to do with that. I have only skated these antirocker and the h block and spacing between wheels 2 and 3 looks way too narrow to skate them flat IMO, especially compared to the Kizer Slimline that I am using now in a flat set up. I had to develop a groove in these to get my royales back, whereas the Kizer slimline was deeply grooved out of the box and easier to do on a fresh frame. The frame indicates a 61mm max outer wheel which is not true. It easily accommodates a 62mm Ground Control and looks like it has enough room for maybe a 64mm. The only reason it couldn't accommodate and even larger wheel on the New Jacks is not because of the sole plate, but rather the frame has an excessive structural wall in the wheel well next to the UFS hole. The recessed wheel well on the New Jack boot looks like it could accommodate a huge wheel, so I may just dremel out these frames to hold a 70mm one of these days. Its curious that the RB boot is much more accommodating of a larger wheel than the RB frame. All in all I would say these frames are a good choice for antirocker, which I prefer riding flat, and these frames are incredibly sturdy. I would say these frames slide faster than Kizer Slimline on H-block tricks, and maybe faster on soul tricks but too close to tell. To me this would be an incredible frame if the spacing between wheels 2 and 3 was significantly bigger so I could ride 58mm flat with less worry of wheel bite.
   Great performance and price!, November 15, 2012  By Peter (Fremont, CA)
I have owned 50/50, ground control,kizer, create originals, even used some valo frames. But these blank frames are by far the best, I have never been more content with a frame. Its durable, slides great, and the wheel placement is perfect for riding flat. The hardware is also great, with most of the other frames companies the alan wrench holes always seem strip easily, but the blank hardware is solid haven't had that issue yet. I suggest anyone to give these frames a shot, RB really set the bar.
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