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   Great Aggressive Skate and Service, November 19, 2022  By Anonymous (Grinnell, IA)(Verified)
I stopped skating for a long time and wanted to get back into it and I’ve been skating on these for around 7 months every once in awhile and I’ve had a lot of fun. They shipped fast and they contacted me personally to make sure the fit was right for me. They are comfortable and skate well for me. I had to change the wheels recently so you might need to change them out relatively soon if you ride them everyday, but I got a new set of wheels from here as well and they came with bearings and seem like they can take a little more damage.
   Love my M12's, August 24, 2021  By Anonymous (Santa Rosa, CA)(Verified)
My husband and I drove 2 hours (each way) to Roller Warehouse last week and it was 100% worth the trip. The customer service was fantastic. Seeing so many inlines in person in one place was awesome. I went to pick out my first pair of aggressive inlines. After lots of research and looking around I was set on this pair as it's always had great reviews, the parts are changeable and the price is great. Definitely listen to the sizing suggestions as they do run a little small. My foot is 25.57cm and the size 8 fits perfectly. My feet feel good after practicing grinds and small jumps so far. Overall, very happy with my purchase. Roller Warehouse is fantastic!!!
   Great Solid Skate, March 28, 2018  By Matthew (Seattle, WA)(Verified)
I’ve ridden a few different generations of m12 skates, and I like the current ones most (2017/18). The liner is great quality. I skate size 9. It’s a bit roomier than the Valo David Sizemore liner and more comfortable. I can skate for longer periods of time in these compared to Valos.

I wish they sold the boot only, as I always recommend swapping out the frames, bearings and wheels. I recommend a frame with a deep groove with these. Something like Kizer fluids or Kaltiks for flat.
   Great, October 25, 2017  By Eric Davis (BRISTOL, TN)
For $150 you will not get a better skate. They are comfortable and hold up so.... Yeah they are pretty great.
   Awesome skates for beginner or advanced skaters, March 16, 2016  By Eliza Brothers (South Royalton, VT)
I bought a pair of these back in 2001 and I used them up until 2 years ago. They had seen many skateparks,rails, vert ramps and always held up great! Very comfortable. Super durable. Im a little nervous about buying a new pair due to the smaller inner wheels but I guess it won't hurt to try it out. I'll write another review after I buy a new pair!! Excited!!!
   Street skates, February 16, 2016  By Anonymous (Modesto, CA)
These skates at great I'm pro so I love them no joke since I gone thrue a ton of skates one of my favorite are the roces m12 just just how you see them is a great set up begginer or pro still a great skate I'm currently skating them but there kind of beat up I try to take care of them but when your like me just put em up and get brand spanking new ones the skates at similar to the valo v13 but II just prefer roces m12 skates becouse well they perform a notch better street just from the flex and how the frames at centered and there like half airwalk half v13 how they skate anyways which is cool if you ask me and is a great street skate becouse of that then you get the wheels Perfect wheels which I always look forward to thrashing and the frames ar cool nice simple and can take a
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