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   Good Skates, Great Customer Service!, April 15, 2013  By Anonymous (Rutland, VA)
Got the skates in the mail. I've skated Valo before, so I knew what to expect. I knew I would need some break-in time to get the liners to feel right. And I knew the leather wouldn't stay clean long(especially since I bought white). As always, a nice solid skate with some good flex for your grinds and decent support for those landings.

My recommendation, swap out the frames and liners. Trust Spec Ops fit great as long as you stap them in tight and Kizer Slimlines work wonders if you like to skate flat rocker on the streets.

Unfortunately, the skates came with 1 medium frame and 1 large frame on the skates...An accidental mistake from the manufacturer.

I call up RW and speak with Andy. Without a second thought, he offers to contact the manufacturer on my behalf and have the frames replaced. What's even better? I didn't have to return the frames I have either. I don't know what I'm gonna do with them, but it is nice not to have to box them up and take a trip to the post office.

Good skates from Valo as I always come to expect.

FANTASTIC customer service from Roller Warehouse. Thanks again for all you do guys.
   Cusome setup, March 11, 2013  By Tyler (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Okay so i went ahead and got the TV3s with a custome set up... got the kizer liquid cyan frames with purple antirockers from razors n had RW switch out the toe cap... First n foremost the skates look amazing...

As in the video review the skates were borderline painful when putting them on... the left liner was digging into the top of my foot but i took the advice on breaking them in a bit and it was totally legit on the RW's review end.. after about an hour of just rollin around in them the liner warmed up and def formed to my foot a bit more and theyre nice n snug... i wear a half size up (8.5) and the size down (8) was a perfect fit, so these absolutely fit true to size...

the memory buckle is really nice too... get that nice fit locked in and never having to worry about it is a nice touch for the skates... the only thing i wished was different was the liner... they seem a little thin on the buttom and could use some more shock reinforcement... (a nice absorber or something) i might just try a simple sole insert from the store for some added comfort...

Other than that they roll really nice n the soles are a great size for locking onto grinds... (the response from the skates is great)

Its been years since ive skated and they feel very natural...

I would absolutely recommend these to anyone whos starting or has been skating for a while and wants to try something new (assuming youve never skated roces)

I used to be a big RB fan, and it was a nice change...

Deff check these out if youre on a budget!
   Valo TV 3 White Skates, November 26, 2012  By nilsa (new york, NY)
good and smooth
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